Paradise vacation is closer than you think!

Everything that happens in our complex has the main task of giving a blissful opportunity to stop the endless run, exhale, enjoy the silence, breathe in the sea air, listen to the rustling of leaves and birdsong to a person who’s exhausted by the bustle of the city.
Experience unprecedented sensations of complete cleansing of the body and spirit, immerse yourself in your own self and “switch off” your head. To be filled with the life-giving energy of nature, to be nourished with strength and continue on your way, radiating goodness and positivity.

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We are two sisters, Ksenia and Lydia, who grew up here, on the beautiful Vidzeme coast of the Gulf of Riga, in the sunniest place in our country in the small resort town of Saulkrasti, where there are unique beaches with boulders and high dunes, pine mushroom forests and picturesque streams. Where secular life seeths in summer, and in winter - a magical snowy fairy tale.
With love for people and our beautiful nature, we have created our own little oasis away from the bustle of the city, where everything is thought out for the relaxation of body and soul. In a cozy forest courtyard behind a fence there are two comfortable modern houses, a wood-fired sauna and a hot jacuzzi tub.
Our childhood was spent surrounded by animals, which we know how to care for and educate. Now two of our friends, a wonderful red-haired pair of ridgebacks, after whom our cottages are named, are serving as the guards of the tranquility of our complex. Therefore, you can live in a smaller house called Gora or in a more spacious Barry. And, of course, bring your pets, they will definitely like to frolic in the forest here, and you will be calm, as everything is fenced.
As a family, we have created a warm and intimate atmosphere here, where you can spend time with family and friends, feel the closeness of nature without denying yourself the usual comforts, and treat yourself to unique sauna procedures.


our Sauna Master

The familiar and well-known sauna becomes a real sacrament and purification not only for the body, but also for the soul, when you fall into the hands of the Master.

We were lucky, and in such hands, the hands of our Mother, we learned this process from birth. Now she gives her art to the world and that is why we named our complex in her honor - Villa Vlada.

Vlada has spent all her life in saunas. Over the years of practice, vast experience and skills have been accumulated, supported by the study of ancient traditions, physiology, a course of theory and practice in a bath school, massage and aromatherapy. In the performance of our Master, the hygienic procedure has turned into a whole philosophy, when immersed in which you can make many interesting discoveries about yourself and get previously unknown sensations.

Grandma Naltalya


Where was the best place to eat as a child? Well, of course, visiting Grandma! So we offer you to taste the goodies prepared with love by our Grandmother! She raised six children only on tasty and healthy food, and all the grandchildren are ready not to leave the table all day long if grandmother's pies, cutlets and cheesecakes with rustic sour cream are waiting for them!

After the bathing ritual, we will serve you a piping hot dinner with organic products from the surrounding farms or treat you to breakfast with an omelette made from the eggs of our hens.

There are also two very important members of our big friendly family- our lovely restless red-haired guards and friends. Ridgebacks- unique dogs. Very smart, but opinionated, active and fast, but not averse to lying in the sun, their fur color allows them to completely merge with nature at any time of the year, and their lion's eyes look straight into your soul. Our houses are named after them - Gora and Barry.
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