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Electric car charger.
As a part of our concept of caring for the environment, a charger for electric cars has been installed in our eco-complex. While you are enjoying a wonderful outdoor recreation, your iron horse will receive a full charge of energy.
And you, as a caring friend of Nature, will be given a 5% discount on accommodation.The cloth allows charging any electric car. The cable lock function allows switching between the socket and the wired charging device according to any needs (7.4 kW (single-phase) / 22 kW (three-phase) with Tesla and VW having a limit of 11 kW/hour). Charging time is about 3 hours. *Check the current price on-site
Guest swimming pool.
Our guests have access to a swimming pool (3.2x4.2x1.2) on site, now you can cool off without leaving the gates! Swim on a hot day or after the sauna!
Our Partnership Program.
We are open to collaboration if you or your organization have projects related to organizing niche events, if you sell beauty, sports, and health-related products or services, or if you have ideas for promoting in this segment.

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Hammam in our spa complex!
Oriental fairy tale - soft wet steam, warm seats that repeat the curve of the back, shimmering starry sky, magical aromas... all this is a Turkish bath, hammam. Now in the range of our offers - a great way to relax and complement your spa day.
Bicycles, skis, table tennis, children's playground, and much more..
Animal corner in the main territory.
Observing animals is one of the best ways to calm anxious nerves. In addition to the wild nature surrounding our complex, where you can easily encounter both deer and foxes and observe forest birds, you can get to know the inhabitants of our living corner - an exotic type of chicken and an astonishing duck color can long attract both your and your children's attention.