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SPA rituals in the main SAUNA

In the performance of our masters, the sauna process turns into a complex of energy SPA procedures, where ancient traditions, many years of personal experience and skill and gifts of nature from our wonderful seaside region of Vidzeme are combined.

You can rest your body and soul, restore your strength and energy, cleanse and renew yourself in our cozy and stylish sauna complex, where firewood crackles in the stove, soothing music sounds, a candle trembles on the table, and the air is filled with wonderful aromas, where all conditions are created for complete immersion in the amazing process of self-discovery.

In all bathing rituals, only environmentally friendly brooms from Latvian forests are used - birch, oak, linden, mountain ash, bird cherry, wormwood, juniper and other plants. Essential oils from Young Living's highest quality brand. Teas from local herbs, dried fruits and honey from farms of local producers.

There is 10% discount for SPA facilities for those who are living in houses.
Individual Sauna Ritual
A wonderful choice to completely disconnect from the outside world, be alone with yourself, recharge the body and bring it to a new round. It is especially recommended for overstressed and tired people, as well as on the eve of a birthday or other transitional event, and for those who seek to take time for themselves, their feelings and self-knowledge.
Sauna ritual for couple
A wonderful opportunity to spend a day of rest and peace alone with a loved one, devote it to health and attention to yourself and your soulmate.
Sauna Spa day for companies up to 8 people
An alternative option for a calm and healthy day for the company, during which friends will be able to enjoy a bath and socialize, recharge their collective energy and be in the hands of a personal bath attendant.
Starting from 310
Wooden rural wood-fired sauna

For those who love and know how to take a steam bath on their own, or just want to warm up on a wooden shelf or in a hot barrel, we offer wellness treatments in our wooden rural wood-fired sauna.

Rural Bath- Jacuzzi
And a hot jacuzzi will complement your romantic evening under the summer stars and amidst sparkling snow.

Birch 4 €

Oak 5 €

Linden 5 €

Duration of the procedure 90 min
Duration of the procedure 90 min
Duration of the procedure 60 min

Duration of the procedure 30 min

Duration of the procedure 30 min