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For a deeper and more meaningful rest, restoration of psycho-emotional balance and removal of physical fatigue, various events are held in our complex.

To create the right message before marriage, you can spend your bachelor and bachelorette parties with a deep sacred meaning in our baths. For the bride, the bathing ritual turns into a deep process of cleansing and preparing her soul and body for her husband, receiving guidance from her mother and energy from her friends.

The ritual is carried out in our elite bath and includes:

Outdoor fire ritual;

Joint steaming for all participants;

Cleansing bath of the bride with fragrant herbs and natural scrubs;

Energy exchange of friends and relatives with the bride in a warm bath;

Outdoor jacuzzi;

Making candles for a happy life;


Duration 4-5 hours

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Bachelor party

For the groom, the bath day will be a farewell to the sins of a bachelor life in the circle of his friends, where with hot steam, a strong broom and heartfelt conversations, he will be prepared for a responsible step.

For a male company, a cozy bathhouse with an independent visit, brooms and a jacuzzi on the street are offered.


Sauna 30€/ h, from 4th hour- 20€/ h;

Jacuzzi- 70€;

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When booking cottages for overnight stays (up to 13 people), prices will be special.
Women's Spa Day
Start at 12:30, end at 19 - 20

The most popular format, which takes place with us regularly 2 times a month, with the following program:
  • Drinking herbal tea and getting to know each other;
  • Fire ritual, barefoot path;
  • General warming of the soul and body bath steaming for all women with a buildup of female energy;
  • Individual steaming on the bath table
  • Essential oils;
  • Natural scrubs;
  • Contrast bathing in an outdoor pool or dousing from a tub;
  • Massage 30 minutes (either back area, legs or face);
Cost 115 €

For an additional fee you can order:

  • Grilled dinner with a choice of meat/chicken/fish- 10 € per pers.;
  • Overnight stay on the second floor of the sauna- 30 € per pers.;
  • Rent a house with a 15% discount;
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Women's Spa Day with osteopath
The Restart and Cleansing Day program is a wonderful day of peace outside surrounded by a winter forest, filled with attention and self-exploration. It includes a series of simple breathing and meditation practices accessible to everyone, diagnostics and recommendations for maintaining the achieved balanced state, and a deep energy bath process.
Program goal:
  • Improvement of rheological properties of bile, blood and lymph;
  • Normalization of digestive and respiratory system functions;
  • Weight loss;
  • Restoration of mobility in blocked spinal motor segments, increasing range of motion;
  • Normalization of internal organ function;
  • Elimination of accumulated negativity;
  • Harmonization of psychoemotional state and increase in vitality.
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Other retreats and master classes are held with invited experts from various fields of health and beauty. Here's what's planned for this summer:
  • Yoga in hammocks
  • Hatha yoga
  • Couple yoga
  • Meditation with gongs
  • Master classes on various types of massage
  • Eastern dance
  • Social dancing
  • Pole dance lessons
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Celebrating birthdays and other events in the style of a wellness spa day with friends, for groups of up to 10 people.
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Catering services
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
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The plan and cost are developed individually
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