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What our clients say about us:
Review of the bachelorette party at Villa Vlada on May 27, 2023
The bride is not just satisfied, the bride is on a wave of absolute happiness after what happened to us during our event. 🥹
I think it will take some time to fully comprehend everything that has happened.
At the moment, I feel completely fulfilled, calm, and at peace - exactly what is needed before a wedding, entering into marriage.
I loved everything immensely, the tasks set were fulfilled to the maximum. ☺️
Special thanks for being able to lose myself in time (quite literally) and completely dissolve in the atmosphere. 🥰
Incredibly positive energy, spiritual development, the most delicious food in the world, and as for the sauna cleansing procedures, that's a separate kind of bliss altogether. 🤩
Great gratitude to Vlada and Kseniya for their professionalism, delicacy, and incredible warmth, coziness throughout the day, as well as to Vlada's mother for the most delicious treats whose taste I will never forget.
If there is an opportunity to rest and relax, then now only in the framework of such retreats.
Something tells me that we will come back again...❤️
Review of the bachelorette party at Villa Vlada on April 20, 2023
Good day. ☺️
Finally, I found the time to sit down separately and express my immense gratitude to you. 🫶🏻
I cannot even begin to describe the heavenly state we were in. All the girls said it was one of the best days of their lives, and Villa Vlada is a portal to the cosmos.
I couldn't even imagine experiencing such a wide range of emotions in just one day.
Throughout the day, words of gratitude echoed endlessly. Tears and happiness united us girls throughout the day. 🫶🏻
When the guys said their bachelor party was a 10 out of 10, we said our bachelorette party was a billion out of 10. 👯‍♀️♾️
It was a perfect day, in perfect company, and in a perfect place.
Thank you so much because it was not just a "job done," but it was done with so much heart.
I bestow my blessings. ❤️
As we said all day, it's not just happiness, it's absolute happiness. 🫶🏻
The girls flew to Berlin yesterday and said they would immediately start working on their vacation days and fly back here, with the same group, but for a 3-day program. ❤️
So, everyone is simply ecstatic!
Spa day 02.06.2023
What is paradise for the soul?
It's tranquility, rustling of leaves, birdsong, gentle touches of the sun and wind, walking barefoot on fresh grass...
The cozy atmosphere of the sauna, which takes you back to the very origins of the soul. It's a journey inside yourself, from the deepest depths to your personal space.
The enveloping warmth of the steam room, relaxing massage...
Thanks to the hostess for such a delicate reception, for the reboot.
I definitely want to experience it all over again.
Hose rent 25.04.2023
Excellent vacation spot for family time, fresh air, nature views, all amenities for children, even a playground 👌🏻 we took our first steps here, so we will definitely visit again 😍❤️ My husband and I decided to take a mini-break during the workweek, and it turned out to be a complete relaxation 😌 Sauna barrel, warm evening, a glass of wine, views of nature, 100% reboot, we will definitely come back 💜
Review of the Sauna Ritual (March 2023)
The hostess is very responsive, the sauna is clean and pleasant. The steam is gentle, and the food is delicious. We ordered a sauna ritual, massage, and dinner, all for two people. The service is of the highest quality, and we are very satisfied. Vlada is a professional: she explained everything, gave advice, and provided us with food. It's evident that the hostess puts her heart into it and enjoys what she does. We had a fantastic romantic day. We wish Vlada prosperity and success!
House rent
We've been here not for the first time and will come again. Warm and cozy in the winter. Everything is available - dishes, washing machine, barbecue with skewers and grill. Whatever is not there can be requested from the wonderful house owner, he finds everything.